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LinkedIn Group:
Emerging Leadership Guild

The Guild’s purpose is to facilitate a growth space for emerging thought leadership.

Who are the emerging? Leaders who are at the stage between learner and leader. Whether for their career, hobby or life mission or blend of each, they sense a drive within to take up a mantle of their own and offer their work.

Like career changers switching industries, embracing thought leadership is is a vocational change, one of the consciousness and qualities necessary to move into an embodied position; at this level you fuse yourself with an idea and action to expressing it. Long term this becomes an environment where the group self-organizes and supports moving from concept to practical implementation.

In this group, leaders arriving into their creative energy share ideas, resources, and form connections. The fruit from this effort is a creator network that desires to contribute to a greater purpose.


Together we’ll discuss leadership topics:

- Its energy and
- Technique and
- Strategy and
- Suggested books and knowledge
- And have the occasional Zoom conversation

This is for you if:

- You have an idea to develop and want the collective support
- You’ve been hesitant to share an idea but know it’s time to take action
- There’s a mission you’re sitting with and it’s time to propel it forward

Interested? Complete the Typeform application:

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