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Conscious Career Development

"Heard and understood are the two feelings that come up first when I think of my coaching session with Trent. I was really touched by how sincerely he was invested in helping me to identify my challenges and starting to build a strategy to work through them, as well as sharing some relevant resources. While we were focusing primarily on career development, Trent brought the elements of mindfulness into the session, as he knew how important it was for me. ." - Svetlana K.

When you take the leap into the "real world," you'll realize that your academic accomplishments will only propel you so far. There's a certain skill set you need to be able to handle a job, build relationships, cultivate a personal reputation (brand) and all of the unspoken elements that make up professional life.

And, there's a certain skill set to accomplish this in alignment and awareness (conscious).


This art includes the  "soft skills" that help you navigate human relationships, and "mind skills" that help you evolve as a human being.


Conscious Career Development requires that you see your experience, skills and goals as a strategist would view a chess board, putting the right pieces together for a powerful move. That powerful move leads you to greater self-knowledge. The principles of metaphysics, the ebb and flow of energy and manifestation, transform your professional life into a vocation that brings you success without distress.


For example, managers can receive 200 or more resumes by E-mail for job opportunities per day. Often they are full of grammatical errors, misspelling and poor literary comprehension. With this kind of document speaking for you, do you think you'll be called back?

What if you learned how to craft your resume like you would your self-image so you project confidence and competence, qualities of the solar plexus chakra?


Another example: Did you know companies tend to have Applicant Tracking Systems? These software filter out resumes that are weak in job description keywords. To tailor it to the job, you have to understand the job description and match what you have to offer with what they're looking for. If you can't write a resume tailored to the job, your resume will likely never reach HR's desk.

And another example: Two of the most challenging requests for young professionals to answer on an interview and in general are:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strengths?


Can you answer these clearly, with confidence and immediately? 

They say the devil is in the details but so is admiration. When you give attention to these subtle skills your professional aura is amplified. Whether you're just starting out or experienced but feel rusty, becoming an extraordinary professional can open doors, make you more magnetic and memorable. Your peers, leadership and employees will be compelled to take you seriously. You will command respect by your bearing. By applying metaphysical principles, you learn how to navigate your environments by working with your own energy systems and thoughts as things.

"Very accurate, Trent listened attentively and gave me the necessary guidance to adjust all my professional information very carefully. His feedback was of utmost importance at this time of change in my professional career. If you need guidance on your career, I recommend a good conversation with Trent. He helped me to see important points with his accurate and attentive look and was able to see qualities and skills important to my career."

- Marilia Barbosa, Journalist

Key Areas Include:


Resume Building

Cover Letters

Thank You Messages

Personal Power

Interview Prep

Rituals for Self-image

Company Research

office Politics

Salary Negotiation

Basic Etiquette

Meditation for Presentations

Introductions & 1st Conversations

"Networking" Events

ON-THE-JOB Performance

Personal Style

Magnetic Attraction

Professional Persona

Creating a Personal Portfolio


How Chakras Work on the Job

E-mail Communication

Here's how I help you



In this phase, we discuss your current situation, goals and learn more about your natural abilities. We develop a coaching plan.


In this phase, we begin your coaching program based on the plan developed. We work with various training methods to hone the skills you want to build and the metaphysics that connect.


In this phase, we combine coaching and assessment as you apply your skills in the field: on the job, job hunt or current venture. I stick with you for up to 3 months after your sessions end.


Do you already have a job? I work with you to sharpen your inter-office, organizational professionalism. Plan your career path from the current role to the next.

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