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Men Ab Meditation

Behavioral Transcendence technology


Men = Established

Ab = Will / Heart

Men Ab is an Ancient Egyptian meditation system that enhances performance through activation and optimization of the brain's prefrontal cortex. It serves as the foundation of the civilization's initiation systems. The Kemetic word for this prefontal lobe location is called "Khenti". in Kabbalah, it is called the "Ratzon." In Yoga, it corresponds to the "Ajna" chakra.

the prefrontal cortex's role in our lives can be understood through its functions.

The Prefrontal Cortex Governs:

- Intuition

- abstract Thinking

- Planning

- Reasoning

- Social Activity

- Sense of Morality (Sense of Right & Wrong)

- Perception of Consequences

- Understanding Implications of Behavior

- Personality Expression & Development

- Problem Solving

- Memory

- Higher-Level Capacities of the Spirit

When The Prefrontal Cortex is Unbalanced:

- Self-destructive Habits

- Low Self-Esteem

- Compulsions

- Frustration

- Mental Errors

- Complaining

- Mental Confusion

- Chronic Linear Thinking

- Chronic Distress

- Impulsive Behavior

- Compulsive Thoughts

- Weak Capacity to Synthesize Information


With an elevated cortex, we become more skilled at entering the in-between space of our experiences, thoughts and emotions. We produce the inner Men Ab, established will to freely choose our behavior, define new habits and transform others. When the will is free, we are no longer subject to act impulsively, chronically raise cortisol stress levels and take action when heated by emotional outbursts: these are all states recognized to scientifically dampen decision-making, weaken the immune system and lower intelligence.

Men Ab enhances the brain's performance, which influences all performance in life.

The practice combines guided meditation, specific breath work patterns, use of imagination and writing scripts. Together, an aspirant learns to harness the powers of her spirit in a scientific way to evoke behavioral change and her will's freedom.

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