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Optimal Well-Being by Mastering Emotional States


Emotional mastery is the ability to consciously identify, understand and transform emotional states so they do not hinder well-being. This ability enables us to experience the world with heightened self-sensitivity, moving these energy flows through our system so they work for us rather than against. Cultivated emotional intelligence grants us thought clarity to experience our reality as if through a crystal ball.

When we're not governing our emotions, they govern us. As high-impact trance states, emotions can cloud our judgment and cause us to behave in ways later regretted. Perhaps you can name a few instances where this already happened, not fully understanding that energy wave, but wondered, "What came over me?"

We can find many anecdotal evidence of emotions out of control:

  • The parent who accidentally injures the child out of sudden rage

  • The couple that shouts hateful words at each other in the spur of the moment, anger triggered

  • Crimes of passion

  • Walking away from an opportunity due to fear

  • Not taking that leadership role, not feeling worthy

  • Quitting a course because it feels tough

  • A situation repeatedly triggers paralyzing emotions

  • Inability to change a habit

  • Low self-esteem

  • Technology addiction

  • Jealous of another person's success

  • Anxiety

  • Failing a job interview due to low confidence

  • Ignoring an email from that friend to resolve an issue

  • Presentation performance stress

  • The list goes on.

3-Part Method


We examine scenarios and their related emotions, physical influence, giving language to them,


We then dialogue on how the emotions behave, their effects on the body-mind system. Understanding alters awareness.


Practical  methods to change states, become emotionally sovereign and use the new energy for advantage.

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