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English / writing tutor

"Writers can uplift or throw down the world’s perceptions. Some people may be mistaken about the power of change inherent in the human condition. By altering one’s language, the images encountered and the environment one settles in, the psycho-spiritual health of the individual may enhance or deteriorate. The meaning you derive from this work may be different from what the person next to you reveals, but that is a testament to diversity in our experiences, values, desires and goals in Life. This is about art as life and living being an art." -TR

With years of experience writing for myself and clients, I understand how to guide the writing process and coach you to spark new ideas, to develop your unique voice. I can serve as your personal writing tutor for content creation and improving English.

Trent Rhodes - Writer
Trent Rhodes - Freelance Writing Samples
Editing / Proofreading


Our environment is ripe with rapidity and there is a principle among professionals that says, “The most successful communicators are those who can send their messages with speed, clarity and efficiency.” Are you one of those communicators?


Your diction and delivery provide others with a plethora of information about you: personal thoughts of self-esteem, public affairs, education, maturity, the list continues. With such importance placed on this aspect of human self-expression, how can we treat it so casually?


I can work as your personal proofreader and look over any writing you intend to share publicly with grammarian's eye. This service includes: punctuation and grammatical focus on E-mails, texts, essays, blurbs, white papers, Tweets, Facebook posts and other forms not noted here. 


I can also work as your editor and provide a different eye with these writings, making changes where message holes and confusion exist.



If you have ideas and need the words for your posts, articles, books, social media and any other word terrain, I can articulate them and serve as your unseen writer. Check out the freelance samples provided here for some of my range.

Sample Project: A Course on How to
Write a Love Letter
A Course on How to Write a Love Letter T
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